Clients We have clients in 10 different countries and work with them for the supply of first quality products. Our clients around the world are located in nearby countries such as Uruguay and also faraway ones such as India and Ireland.

About Us

U-Trade has been in the market since 1983 in the operation and trade of food products. We created a successful an appreciated name in the market through the cooperation with clients and suppliers in different countries of the world. Our aim is client's attention and to satisfy the different markets' requirements, taking into account the patterns that support a wide network of businesses; the conquest of new markets by the establishment of strategic alliances and the strengthening of the brand at the world level. With a vast trajectory in exportation, U-Trade's members have today an extensive network of contacts for the exportation of first quality food products to the different markets of the world. We offer to our clients all the confidence and backing of a savvy company.


The commitment to quality is our hallmark, as well as well as timely delivery of products, capacity to satisfy specific demands, logistic and documental counseling and clarity in business relations. Since our suppliers meet the international sanitary standards, quality is ensured as from the origin of the product until its destination.


U-Trade values security in business relations and ensures to clients and suppliers liquidity in the businesses performed. U-Trade has been able to achieve this concept through the years and has proven that dynamism and reliability in the corporate culture is an important asset that may be appreciated in the solid relations with suppliers, clients and associates.